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Go Glades is a service for everyone!

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Please help us enhance this service by answering a few questions.

How Do I Ride?

  • Call at least two hours in advance to schedule a ride (561) 649-9838. Scheduled off-route pick up or drop off may be scheduled as early as three days in advance.
  • Drivers will wait 1 minute past a scheduled pick-up time before leaving and reporting the ride as a no show.
  • Need to cancel a pickup/drop-off? Call Customer Service at (561) 649-9838 as soon as possible.

Disclosure: Go Glades is a pilot program, and continued service will be based on actual use.

Comments and Commendations

You can now submit your comments and commendations through our new online form! Ahora puede dejarnos saber que le dimos un buen servicio o presentar una queja a través de nuestra forma en línea! Kounye a, ou ka soumet kòmantè ak rekòmandasyon ou avec nouvo fòm entènèt nou an.