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Seniors in Motion

Palm Tran’s “Seniors In Motion” program is designed to assist you in experiencing the benefits public transportation can bring to life.

Riding Palm Tran Makes Cents

  • Seniors, aged 65 and older, ride Palm Tran buses at a reduced fare – each and every day..
  • Paying by cash? Only $1.00. There are no transfers. If transferring between Palm Tran buses, you must pay an additional full fare.
  • Want an all-day pass? Only $3.50! Purchase the pass when boarding, at Palm Tran or at any pass outlet to ride the bus all day long in any direction.
  • Need a 31-day pass? Only $55 Must be pre-purchased either at Palm Tran, any pass outlet, or by mail.

Using Palm Tran is Easy & Convenient

  • There are more than 2,983 bus stops located across the county.
  • Most bus routes have service at least once an hour. Some routes have more frequent service.
  • Large print, easy-to-read system maps and route schedules are available.
  • Trip planning is available by phone. Just inform our Customer Service Route Specialists where you are and where you want to go. They will help you get there!

Your Safety is Our #1 Priority

  • Palm Tran is consistently recognized by the Florida Public Transportation Association for safety in operations!
  • Buses are equipped with security cameras and other monitoring devices for your protection.
  • Each bus is capable of “kneeling”. The front door panel of the bus lowers, making boarding less of a problem.
  • All Palm Tran buses offer front door wheelchair ramps that are sidewalk and roadside accessible & all Palm Tran buses are clean and comfortable.

Call Now for Fun & Adventure

For those seniors who may need a little assistance in riding for the first time, Palm Tran offers Travel Training for groups, which helps you catch your neighborhood bus and opens the door to freedom.

Route Information is available six days a week!

Phone : 561-841-4287
Phone : 1-877-930-4287 (Toll Free)

Passengers asking for a reduced fare or using a reduced fare QUIK PASS must present one of the following when boarding the bus:

  • Senior – any person 65 years or older with an ID issued by Palm Tran, a valid driver’s license or Florida State ID card.
  • Student – any person 21 years or younger with an ID issued from a school.
  • Disabled – any person who has received a reduced-fare ID card issued by Palm Tran or Palm Tran CONNECTION, based on documented disabilities.
  • Medicare – any recipient can show their Medicare Card.
  • Veteran’s Administration – must show their “Service Connected” VA Card