How to Ride

Step 1

Plan your trip

Review the Real -Time bus schedule in the Palm Tran Trip Planner or call customer service (561) 841-4287 or 
Visit Here

Step 2

Wait at a bus stop

Many stops have shelters or seats. Check the route number and travel direction when the bus approaches. Signal the operator when you want the bus to stop.

Step 3

Find your bus

Text the bus stop number to 561561. Receive a text with the actual time the bus will depart from that stop.

Bus is here

Step 4

For your safety

Buses are equipped with voice announcements and audio & visual surveillance equipment.

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Step 5

Have your fare ready

Use exact change, there is no cash refund.


board that bus

Step 6

Board the bus

All Palm Tran buses kneel for easy access. If you are unable to step onto the bus, ask the operator to lower the ramp.

Step 7

Don’t forget mask & headphones

You may play your personal media devices, but only with headphones and at a low volume.

Mask, headphones, bring em.

Step 8

Watch for your stop

Signal your stop request at least one block in advance by pulling the cord or pressing the button.

Step 9

Exit the bus

Unless you are in a mobility device, please exit the bus through the back doors. Don’t forget your belongings or your bike. Be sure to notify the operator if you need to retrieve your bicycle.