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Paradise Pass

Paradise Pass is a contactless way to pay your bus fare – either by a reloadable smart card or through the Paradise Pass app. This will make boarding quicker and easier! Click here to learn more about Paradise Pass!

Paradise Pass Card
Paradise Pass App

Where to get the Paradise Pass

How to use the Paradise Pass

  • Add value at any location where you can get your Paradise Pass
  • Board the Bus
  • Just tap your Paradise Pass on the new farebox and enjoy your ride!

Please note: When using the Paradise Pass APP, tap on your mobile ticket. You will be prompted with “Do you want to activate your ticket” Select YES and the barcode will remain active for 5 minutes. Scan that barcode on the fare box and you will hear a beep. When you see the green check mark and text that says FARE SATISFIED, proceed to your seat.

Reload the Paradise Pass Card
Ticket Vending Machine
Tapping Paradise Pass on the Farebox

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Frequently Asked Questions

Paradise Pass is your new contactless way to pay. The Paradise Pass is a tap and go reloadable smart card that you can purchase at any county library, Paradise Pass kiosk, Palm Tran 50 S. Military Trail office or via website. You can also download the Paradise Pass APP from the Google Play or Apple store.

If you have registered your Paradise Pass, it will automatically cap the price you pay in a day, week or month. As an example, since a single fare costs two dollars and a daily pass costs five, you can take three or more rides in a day and only spend five dollars on your Paradise Pass. Your total fares will be capped on a weekly and monthly basis the same way, so you’ll never spend any more than you need to.


We recommend using either the card OR the mobile app – but NOT BOTH. Why? Best fare, or fare capping – the feature that makes sure you do not pay more than you need to – works best when you use the same device, card OR mobile app, for all your rides. If you use both the card AND the app, best fare will not be tracked and you may end up paying more than you need to, because best fare can only be tracked on a single device.


You may purchase any type of fixed-route bus pass sold by Palm Tran for Adult, Senior/Disabled and Child/Student. There are 1-day, 3-day, and 7-day limited-use passes available. There is also an option for a reloadable pass which will always provide the best-fare for you.

a. The APP and Paradise Pass website accept credit and debit cards.
b. Paradise Pass Kiosks accept cash, credit and debit used as credit.
c. Libraries accept cash, credit and debit used as credit.
d. Coming in 2022, select retail locations will accept cash, credit and debit used as credit.

Children 8 and under ride free when accompanied by a fare-paying passenger.

You can buy a reduced fare pass at a Palm Tran Kiosk, County Library, Intermodal Transit Center and Palm Tran 50 S. Military office with proof of eligibility at time of purchase or boarding. The process of purchasing a mobile pass is the same regardless of pass type or rider type. Passengers riding for a half fare or using a reduced fare pass must be able to present identification when boarding the bus.

The APP is free, and there are no surcharges for using a mobile pass. You are responsible for any data charges you may incur from your network provider. There is a $2.00 activation fee for a Paradise Pass reloadable card.

Limited-use passes (paper tickets dispensed from the Paradise Pass kiosks) must be activated within 90 days of purchase. Once activated, these can be used until expiration. For the reloadable pass (plastic card), there is not an expiration date for the pay-as-you-go balance.

You can use our contact us option on the More menu on the Paradise Pass APP or call Customer Service at 561-841-4BUS (4287).

Yes, you can still pay with exact fare. Please note, the new fare boxes will not issue change or offer credit. You can only pay for one trip. If you need a daily pass, please purchase one at a Paradise Pass Kiosk. No pennies, 50 cent pieces nor bills higher than $2 will be accepted.

Quik Passes will still be available for purchase at the Intermodal Transit Center, County Libraries and the Connection office. There will be a 30-day notice before the passes are discontinued. 

There will be no changes to the fare pricing. The cost for the single and multi-day passes will be identical to what they are now. There will be a new 3-day option for $12 and a 7-day option for $20.

Go to Paradise Pass website , Paradise Pass Kiosk, County Libraries, Intermodal Transit Center and Customer Service at the Palm Tran office at 50 S. Military Trail or on your APP. Coming in 2022, select retailers will be able to reload the passes.

There is no reloading fee once your Paradise Pass is activated. An activation fee of $2.00 will be charged for a new or replacement card.

There is a maximum of $500 online or in-person.

When tapped for second time the Operator unit will show the selection to the operator to select the fare for another rider.

Transfers will work the same as they do today.

Yes. A receipt will be sent to the email address you provided for your account.

You can use your Paradise Pass account on multiple devices. However, the fare capping will be per device only. It will not be shared across multiple devices for the same account.

On the APP, go to settings and select the appropriate option.

Select My Passes on the navigation page. Go to Pay as you go, select Tap card to activate pass. Follow prompts to generate the QR Code.

Paradise Pass is your new contactless way to pay. The Paradise Pass is a tap and go reloadable smart card that you can purchase at any county library, Paradise Pass kiosk, Palm Tran 50 S. Military Trail office or via website. You can also download the Paradise Pass APP from the Google Play or Apple store.

Select My Passes, to display your active pass(es).

Your balance on the APP does not expire.

No. Credit card information is not stored on your phone. Your credit card information is securely transmitted to the bank authorizer, where it is saved on servers that comply with Payment Card Industry Security Standards.


No, the APP does not track location. In the future, Trip planning will dynamically show the routes when searched on the phone. Saved Addresses will be saved locally on the phone for easy usage.

You will have to delete the saved credit card and enter the details to save it again. For Autobuy, edit autobuy to enter the credit card information.

It is your responsibility to have a charged and operational phone so that you are able to display your mobile pass. If you are unable to display your mobile pass, you will have to buy a pass from a Paradise Pass kiosk or operator on the bus.

If your mobile phone is lost/stolen/replaced, once you have your new phone, you can sign in to your account with your User ID (email) and password. If you have active or non-active passes and do not see them, please delete and reinstall the APP. If your passes are still not shown, please contact Customer Service at 561-841-4BUS {4287} for assistance importing your passes to your phone.


If you register your card, you can take advantage of best fare, you can check your account, add funds and look at your rider activity and order history at any time. If your card is lost or stolen, the remaining funds can be added to a new card registered in your name. If the original card was not registered, there will be no way to retrieve the balance.

If you have registered your card on, you can report it lost or stolen by speaking with Customer Service at 561-841-4BUS (4287) or in-person at the Palm Tran office at 50 S. Military Trail. The customer service representative will be able to “badlist” the lost card and activate a replacement card for $2.00. This is a one-time fee that is good for the life of the card. The remaining balance from your lost card will be transferred to your new card. Your card is reusable, reloadable, and never expires.

If your tap was unsuccessful, you will hear a double tone and the screen will read “Misread Media” or “Smart Card Not Valid”. If this occurs, try tapping your card again and make sure to keep the card level and flat against the reader. If it still doesn’t work, call Customer Service at 561-841-4287.

If you have not registered your Paradise Pass, we have no way of deactivating your old card or replacing your money. In addition, if you do not register your card, you will not be eligible for best fare.

Report your card lost or stolen immediately so that your funds can be frozen. As soon as you acquire a replacement card (activation fee is $2.00), your fare balance will be accessible.

Your card does not contain personal information so if it is lost or stolen there is no issue.

Online at is your quickest option. Once you’ve set up an account go to the “Paradise Pass Purchase and Manage” menu. Paradise Pass must be registered to check balances and ridership history online.

Once you register your Paradise Pass at, you will be given access to card management tools and reports. These tools will help you to track your card usage in terms of trip details, order details and balance management.

There is a $5.00 minimum order to make a purchase through the online portal.

The online portal can be accessed on any tablet, computer or mobile device through a web browser. The online portal is NOT an APP.

You will receive free transfers to ride Broward County Transit or Tri-Rail (some limits apply) when using both the Paradise Pass and the limited use passes.

Shipping is free for all online portal card and pass purchases.

Purchases through the online portal typically take 7-10 days for processing and shipping.

Funds are available immediately to use. This is an account-based system. However, if the card was badlisted due to low funds previously, it will take up to 24 hours to get it reactivated after adding balance.

Once you make a purchase through the online portal, you will receive an email and text confirmation with an order number. This order number can be used to reference a specific purchase with the Palm Tran Customer Service team should there be any issues in the purchasing or shipping process. Note: you must opt-in to receive emails and texts upon registering your account. If you did not originally opt in to these options, you can do so at any time by speaking to a customer service representative or by changing your settings through the portal.


• Please check your Paradise Pass upon purchasing.
• Palm Tran and its agents assume no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged cards. If you registered your Paradise Pass card and lose it, the value can be transferred to a new card. Activation fee is $2.00.
• Cards are non-redeemable and non-refundable.
• Damaged passes deemed unreadable are NO LONGER valid, and will not be replaced.
• Cash and Paradise Pass rates are subject to change.