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Let’s Get on the Bus Challenge

Let's Get on the
Bus Challenge

Connect, Commute, and Celebrate everything,
Everywhere in Palm Beach County!

About the Let's get on the Bus Challenge

Palm Tran invites you to start or continue your car-free journey with our LET’S GET ON THE BUS CHALLENGE! Palm Tran has been a pillar in our community for more than 50 years. Whether you’re going to work, school, medical appointments, the beach or any iconic spot in Palm Beach County, Palm Tran can get you there! Don’t miss your chance to win exciting prizes and FREE rides during the LET’S GET ON THE BUS CHALLENGE.

Accessible, Safe and Convenient: Travel anywhere in Palm Beach County. We ensure you reach your destination on time safely.

Eco-Friendly: Reduce your carbon footprint by choosing public transportation.

Cost-Efficient: Save money on gas, parking, and maintenance.

Stress-Free: Sit back, relax, and let us do the driving.

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Transit Champions

Let’s Get on the Bus with your favorite community leaders and influencers! These individuals have stepped up and accepted the challenge to become a Transit Champion to help boost ridership in Palm Beach County and would like you to join their team by selecting their name during registration! The Transit Champion with the most riders will win a free year of transit for a lucky member of their team and with other great prizes for their top riders! Don’t delay, join a Transit Champion Team today! 

Each Transit Champion will enjoy a ride on Palm Tran to their favorite destination in Palm Beach County and you can join them. This Move & Mingle experience is like no other with music, refreshments, and great conversation.

Challenge Leaderboard

Let's get on the Bus Challenge Sponsors!

Thank you for supporting Public Transportation.

Help Boost Ridership in Palm Beach County!

Palm Tran invites you to become a Transit Champion during the LET’S GET ON THE BUS CHALLENGE. Together, let’s promote sustainable transportation in Palm Beach County by boosting bus ridership and reducing traffic congestion all while expanding economic opportunity to others. As a participant, you can enjoy recognition, positive public relations, and a platform to inspire your community and constituents to use transit more often.

Gain the Spotlight: Displayed in challenge press, promotions, spanning social media, videos, advertisements, and more! We estimate that our campaign will reach more than 1,000,000+ people in Palm Beach County.

Inspire Change: Connect your community and constituents with services that provide access to opportunity for every mobility need.

Community Connection: Host a “Move & Mingle” Transit Champion Day at your favorite Palm Beach County destination! You and your riders will enjoy music and refreshments on your car-free journey! We’ll provide options to help plan your trip.

Win Prizes: Participate in the Transit Champions Contest and compete for prizes and FREE rides for your top riders. The Transit Champion with the largest team will be able to present one team member with a free transit pass for one year.  Palm Tran will display a Transit Champion leaderboard on the web page for all to follow throughout the Challenge. 

Reduce Congestion and lower Emissions: Help reduce traffic and improve air quality while promoting  a greener, more sustainable Palm Beach County.

Promote Economic Growth: Transit advocacy fosters local economic development.

Shape the Future: Influence the future of transportation in Palm Beach County.

Want to become a Transit Champion?
Contact or 561-841-4269.

How to Participate


Download the Paradise Pass App or register for a Paradise Pass Smartcard. added to your account. 


Join the challenge at

Please register for the challenge using. the same email address associated with your Paradise Pass account. 


Connect, commute, and celebrate by riding Palm Tran. USE HASHTAG #PalmTranChallenge


Participants are eligible to win fantastic prizes and enjoy FREE rides.

How the Challenge Works

Each week, Palm Tran’s top rider who has entered the challenge will win ONE prize presented by one of our GOTBC Sponsors/Partners.


Part of a Transit Champion team? Each Palm Tran Transit Champion and one of our GOTBC Sponsors/Partners will have the opportunity to present one rider in their group with ONE prize. 


All winners will receive a 3 month Paradise Pass!


Be sure to watch our leaderboards to see if you’re in the lead!

Terms & Conditions

A rider who wins a prize MAY NOT be selected more than once for the duration of the Let’s Get on the Bus Challenge.


Participants entering to win acknowledge that the prizes donated by our partners have no cash exchange value. The displayed amounts represent the estimated value of the prizes and prizes will be given directly by our partners. Volunteering to participate, participants agree that the prizes may not be exchanged for cash.


Additionally: By participating, you grant permission for the use of your photos for social media, videos, press releases, and all promotional materials. Your images may be utilized for promotional purposes to enhance the visibility and success of this campaign.